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Too much ear wax can be a problem – your ears feel blocked and sounds are muffled – what can you do to keep it at bay? Ear wax and skin debris are produced naturally by the outer part of the ear canal and is pushed out of the ear by the action of chewing and the hairs of the ear [...]

Sleep apnea flagged as potential trigger for Alzheimer’s

By | March 12th, 2018|Categories: Sleeping Disorder Clinic|

A clinical study of patients with sleep apnea has been initiated by researchers at the University of Queensland’s Queensland Brain Institute and School of Biomedical Sciences after research revealed there may be a link between inadequate oxygen levels during sleep and damage caused to the brain which increases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. The study will focus on patients aged [...]

Phonak Titanium: A new era in custom built hearing systems – Mr Nick Clive

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At London Hearing we pay close attention to new technology in the market. As an independent supplier, we are committed to this approach. We also make sure to monitor and review our clients on a regular basis. So if a product has taken well, then we know it has a place in our clinic. Titanium built hearing aids have taken very [...]

Dizziness: Effective and safe treatments – Mr Paul Montgomery

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Most ear related dizziness seen in the GP surgery is due to BPPV or Méniere’s disease and new treatments make these conditions more easily managed either in the GP surgery or by an ENT specialist. BPPV “BPPV” (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) is the commonest cause of vertigo. In this condition movement of the head such as bending over, turning in bed, [...]

3D Scanner Installed at Harley Street Clinic

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Complete 3D full body scanning is now available at the Sleeping Disorders Centre. Scanning someone is simple. Patients simply stand on the turntable and hold still for 30 seconds, while the platform spins. With its razor sharp high resolution infrared images, Styku technology captures millions of data points in a matter of seconds in a fast, non-invasive process. The Styku app [...]

Michael Oko reviews latest sleep aids for Daily Mail

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Can’t sleep? Join the unhappy club: according to the NHS, one in three people in the UK has trouble sleeping and every year it hands out more than ten million prescriptions for sleeping pills. There’s a range of products that claim to help, but how effective are they? The Daily Mail asked Sleeping Disorders Centre founder, Michael Oko, to give journalist [...]

The Role of ENT in Sleep Related Breathing Disorders

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Author: Mr Michael Oko In this presentation Mr Oko outlines the importance of the examination of the nose as part of the upper airway with nasendoscopy in diagnosing sleep apnoea, and the embedding of ENT in all OSA clinics.