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Common nose and sinus disorders

The nose plays a critical role in the body’s overall health. Aside from it being the centre of the sense of smell, it’s an important filter that protects the airways and lungs. Sinus and nose problems quickly become systemic problems if not cared for properly. Here, we discuss some of the most common disorders, in [...]

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What is Haemophilus Influenzae?

When keeping an eye on your health, it is essential to be aware of bacterial infections transmitted from food, water or other people. Bacterial infections of any kind can be extremely harmful to your health (sometimes even fatal!), and knowing about the various types that you may be exposed to could help you to protect yourself from them.

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What is Choanal Atresia?

Babies born with breathing difficulties are sometimes diagnosed with a birth defect known as choanal atresia, which will be an anxious and distressing time for parents and the wider family. So, what exactly is choanal atresia? The basic explanation is that it involves a blockage in the opening at the back of the infant’s nasal [...]

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