Complete full body 3D scanning is now available at the Sleeping Disorders Centre, as part of our new, innovative service to help people with sleeping disorders, such as sleep apnoea and problem snoring.

Sleeping disorders are very common and often the person suffering does not even realise their sleep is so disturbed, let alone the reasons why. Heavy snoring may be pointed out by a frustrated loved one who’s quality of sleep also suffers as a consequence. Or, it may only be from feeling fatigued during the day that the person decides to investigate further.

Michael Oko, consultant surgeon offers diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders from his Harley Street clinic in London.

Our 3D body scanner – what to expect

The scanning procedure is straightforward – our friendly team are on hand to help you throughout the process and all our patients with telephone support will be provided with a free phone number so you are able to contact us with any questions, before or after the scan.

During the scan, you will be asked to stand on a turntable and remain very still for approximately 30 seconds, while the platform rotates 360 degrees. Using advanced computing technology by Styku, we are able to capture millions of data points in a matter of seconds, resulting in razor-sharp, high resolution infrared images to assist with accurate diagnosis of sleep disorders.

All of this is done in a fast, non-invasive way to maximise your comfort.

Information is key

The Styku app gives professionals the ability to not only perform a full body scan and view accurate 3D models but they can also extract measurements, track changes in body shape, calculate fitness and health metrics such as Body Mass Index (BMI), and much more.

This technology is already used at health clubs by fitness professionals and nutritionists, and now Michael Oko, founder of the Snore Centre, has identified the benefits the device can provide in a medical context.

Improving fitness and weight loss is a key part of treating sleep apnoea and the 3D body scanner allows this be assessed and monitored in a new and comprehensive way.

See how it works below.