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The human ear is one of the most remarkable structures of the human body, not only because of the beauty and unlikelihood of its structure, but also because of its remarkable sensitivity to sounds.

As a leading London ear specialist practice, the team at 150 Harley Street are extremely passionate about ears. This includes keeping up with the latest innovations in ear diagnostics and treatments and continually aiming to provide the best possible care and be a leading centre of excellence in our field.

Key facts:

  • From an anatomical point of view, the ear is divided into 3 parts: the outer, middle and inner ear.
  • The outer ear collects sounds and enhances the speech frequencies at the eardrum
  • The middle ear conducts the sound energy to the fluid of the inner ear
  • The inner ear contains the sensory hair cells that convert sound energy into electrical messages that pass to the brain
  • The outer hair cells act as an internal amplifier and also provide clarity and discrimination
  • The whole system is incredibly sensitive and therefore very delicate

Hearing loss

Hearing loss is a hidden condition which can greatly impact on quality of life. Hearing loss is surprisingly common and can occur for a wide range of reasons, ranging from mild to profound. For example, among the most common causes of hearing loss, one of the simplest causes could be a wax blockage – but there are also more complex reasons why hearing loss develops.

Thankfully there is often a lot we can do to help, and in many cases, hearing loss can be improved or managed with appropriate treatment and hearing aids. Investigating the issue and getting an accurate diagnosis is the first key step.

An ear specialist or hearing doctor will be able to assess the underlying cause of any hearing loss you are experiencing. For anybody looking for a London ear doctor, at 150 Harley Street we can arrange for a broad range of hearing tests, investigations and diagnostic procedures to be carried out on the same day, all in one place at our London ENT practice. 

Our specialist Consultants will be happy to answer any questions and provide any advice you may need and reassure you from the start. 

Here is a list of common reasons why we see people who have hearing problems or ear related issues:

Here is a list of common reasons why we see people who have hearing problems or ear related issues:

  • Wax blockage
  • Ear infections and discharge
  • External ear infections
  • Glue ear
  • Tinnitus
  • Ear pain
  • Ear trauma
  • Balance disorders
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Acoustic neuroma
  • Otosclerosis
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