Nose Clinic

This division of ENT practice is known as Rhinology.

The nose is an important part of the respiratory system which alongside the mouth, enables us to breathe in and out – inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon monoxide. It also contributes to other important functions, such as hearing and tasting. Thanks to its central position, the nose is also the focal point of the face and in many ways can play a big part in our identity, self-confidence and body image.

For this reason, a specialist Rhinologist / nose doctor will often be an expert in both the function and health of the nose. A nose doctor will also have great understanding of the significance of facial aesthetic issues and the impact these can have on an individual and their quality of life. 

As a leading Harley Street nose clinic, 150 Harley Street is proud to offer a range of treatments relating to the nose using the latest innovative and minimally invasive techniques wherever possible. This includes treatment and surgery for sinusitis and nasal reconstruction, as well as cosmetic nose surgery or rhinoplasty – a very common procedure that can be undertaken by a skilled ENT surgeon to correct or reconstruct the shape of the nose.

Here is a list of common problems that exist in the field of rhinology and matters which our team of ENT Consultants can help with at 150 Harley Street:

  • Blocked Nose
  • Sinusitis
  • Nasal discharge and sneezing
  • Impaired sense of smell
  • Nasal pain
  • Post nasal drip
  • Damage and deformity
  • Nose bleeds
  • Rhinitis, allergic and non-allergic

Whether your nasal concerns are cosmetic or medical, our leading ENT Consultants here at Harley Street nose clinic, 150 Harley Street are ready to advise and reassure you.

descriptive picture of the nose