Too much ear wax can be a problem – your ears feel blocked and sounds are muffled – what can you do to keep it at bay? Ear wax and skin debris are produced naturally by the outer part of the ear canal and is pushed out of the ear by the action of chewing [...]

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Phonak Titanium: A new era in custom built hearing systems – Mr Nick Clive

At London Hearing we pay close attention to new technology in the market. As an independent supplier, we are committed to this approach. We also make sure to monitor and review our clients on a regular basis. So if a product has taken well, then we know it has a place in our clinic. Titanium [...]

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Dizziness: Effective and safe treatments – Mr Paul Montgomery

Most ear related dizziness seen in the GP surgery is due to BPPV or Méniere’s disease and new treatments make these conditions more easily managed either in the GP surgery or by an ENT specialist. BPPV “BPPV” (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) is the commonest cause of vertigo. In this condition movement of the head such [...]

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